What about football wallpapers?

Or do we need to call it soccer wallpapers?

Over the world millions of people are watching football. Until now, football is the greatest sport in Europe and also the best players are playing in Europe. As we note football starts to grown in America also with teams like LA Galaxy. Every four years there is a world championship for national teams and also every 4 years for the different continents like africa, europe, and asia. Also in Europe every country has is own divisions in football and the best clubs of every country are going to the champions league! Champions League and the World Cup are the biggest tournaments to play for the players. I think at this moment Real Madrid is the best club and Lionel Messi the best player of the world. And than we also have the national teams but that changes a lot from match to match. I think the best national teams are; Germany, Holland, Spain, Brazil or Argentine.